2_Homma Chair


Photographer: unknown, Minidoka, ID, c 1944
Courtesy of the Mitsuoka Family Collection
(Densho description) “Barracks apartments were furnished only with a coal-burning stove and a cot.
Consequently, many camp inmates made furniture from scrap lumber.”


Takayanagi family army issue folding stools, Poston
Collection of Nancy Ukai
photo: David Izu


Folding Chair, Poston, AZ,
made by Toshimatsu Nakagawa
Collection of Mark Izu, photo: David Izu


photo: Nancy Ukai,
collection of Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation


Nishimoto Chair, c 1943. Sanyo Nishimoto and his daughter, Irene, were sent to the Jerome, AR, camp and then to the Tule Lake, CA, Segregation Center. After being freed, they settled in Chicago. Irene Nishimoto Suyeoka became a noted weaver and wove the sling for the chair years later. Courtesy of the Nishimoto-Suyeoka Family Artifact Collection, Japanese American Service Committee, Chicago.