Nakamura File


top: Colleen with her father James flanked by her mother Alice and her uncle Henry. Middle left: Sisters Rosie and Atsuko point out the site of the old family farm on Trimble Road in San Jose. Middle right: Akina, xyz xyz and xyz observe the elders being interviewed. Bottom: left to right – Ray, Henry, Alice, James, Bette, Rosie and Atsuko with family paraphernalia. All photos 5/28/17 by David Izu except for photo of Rosie and Atsuko by Nancy Ukai.

group_led by Lisa 2×1

Lisa Nakamura speaks before a gathering of the Nakamura clan at the Japanese American Museum of San Jose, 5/28/2017, photo by David Izu.

Nakamura_fam+file2 5×4

Nakamura family reunion at the Japanese American Museum of San Jose, 5/22/2017, photo by David Izu. Background – Nakamura Evacuee Case File at the National Archives, Washington D.C, photo by Nancy Ukai.


letter of reference from Mr Yamada for Iso Nakamura