Okajima Comics


Left photo: Sisters Bette and Frances, Sanger, California, circa 1926. Right: Frances and Bette, circa 1931. Photos courtesy Gerry Kataoka.


xyz Five Okajima comics: Wings Comics #40 1944, Captain Marvel #31 1944, Sensation Comics #32 1944, Marvel Mystery #50 1943, Captain Marvel #28 1943

ono_trash heap copy

Two boys read from a pile of discarded magazines and newspapers at the Fresno, California, “assembly center” concentration camp, 1942. Credit:¬†United States Army Signal Corps.

shadow v4-3oki-cgc

Shadow Comics #v4n3, cover date June, release date 5/6/1944, courtesy Sergio K.


Super Magician #v2n12, cover date April, release date 2/24/1944, courtesy of Sergio K.


Startling Comics #24, cover date November, release date 1943, courtesy Jim and Samantha Butler


Wow Comics #27 cover date July, Release date 6/15/1944, courtesy Sergio K.