4_Amache Dog Carving


Anthropomorphic dog, otter, or cat carved Into stone, Kooskia Internment Camp, Idaho. Courtesy Stacey Camp.


painting: Kango Takemura, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 5/22/1942
Takemura’s caption – “Our pet hawk died on May 22. The following day Mr. Sato of Chula Vista died. But same day over 80 of us internees were released.”
Courtesy of Manzanar National Historic Site and the Kango Takemura Collection


drawing: Mine Okubo, Topaz, Utah c 1942 – 1944
Okubo’s caption – “Dogs and cats were common in the center. Most of the dogs were of odd mongrel combinations and had short, sawed-off legs. In a year’s time the number increased to the point that the administration had to compel the licensing of all dogs.”
from Okubo’s book. “Citizen 13660”, University of Washington Press, © 1983