4_Amache Dog Carving


photo: Charles Mace, Denson, Arkansas, 6/21/1944
WRA title: Closing of the Jerome Center, Denson, Arkansas. Henry Ishino, an evacuee resident of the Jerome Center, shakes hands with his dog, Major, after putting him in a crate for shipment to their new residence at the Gila River Center. Major, no doubt, remembers the long, tiresome trip in the baggage car from Tule Lake to Jerome. Photographer: Mace, Charles E. Denson, Arkansas.


photo: David Izu, Fresno, CA, 2017, courtesy of Saburo and Marion Masada
wood carving of dog and cat by Goro Nishimura, 3-11-D, Gila River, AZ. Nishimura was born in Fukuoka, Japan, and was age 59 when removed to Turlock, CA, and then to AZ.


painting: Kango Takamura, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 5/22/1942
Takamura’s caption – “Our pet hawk died on May 22. The following day Mr. Sato of Chula Vista died. But same day over 80 of us internees were released.”
Courtesy of Manzanar National Historic Site and the Kango Takamura Collection


photo: Jessica Goodwin, Kooskia, Idaho
stone carving of dog, about the size of a hand


photo: © Joan Myers 1996, from “Whispered Silences”
Rohwer, Arkansas, c 1981 – 1985, “Pet Grave”


photographer unknown
collection of Mas Hashimoto
“Mits, Sunny and Mas at Poston
block 220-12-A”