b19_Mihara Braille Board


The family portrait was taken a few years before the war, presumably in San Francisco. Tokinobu and his wife Suyeko are standing. His elderly parents, Tsunegoro and Tsune, who were in their 70’s when incarcerated, are seated to the right. Sons Nob and Sam are seated on the left. The background image is Heart Mountain with its distinctive hospital boiler smokestack visible above Tsunegoro. Family portrait courtesy of the Mihara Family Collection, c1939-1940. Background photo: Heart Mountain, photographer unknown. Photo illustration by David Izu.


left: Sam Mihara at a lecture he gave at UC Berkeley 11/2016. Photo by David Izu. Right: Students at the Weill public school in San Francisco pledging their allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, April 1942. The girl in front on the left is Helene xxxx. In xxx days time, the Japanese American kids in the photo would be put on busses and shipped off to the Tanforan temporary concentration camp in nearby San Bruno. Helene and Sam would eventually meet and marry. They have been together for xx years and counting. Photo by Dorothea Lange, April, 1942, courtesy of the National Archives.


English-Japanese Dictionary in Roman Letters, 1947