b19_Mihara Braille Board


Tokinobu’s son Nob poses with his daughter Linda holding Tokinobu’s book on origami, one of the earliest english language volumes on the topic. Linda is an internationally respected origami master. Photo by David Izu, San Francisco, 4/10/2019.


Photo of Tokinobu Mihara courtesy of the Mihara Family Collection. Background photo: Heart Mountain concentration camp, Wyoming, by Yoshio Okumoto, 1942-1945, contributed by the Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation.


Tokinobu Mihara wrote his books, mainly focused on language, in Japanese. He’s pictured here on the right  with a guide dog which appears to be the model for the dog on the cover of his book, “Guide Dog Research – Friend of the Blind in the United States”.
Images courtesy of Sam Mihara.