9_Tomita leave card


Paul Tomita, high school yearbook picture, courtesy of Paul Tomita

Minidoka500 copy

original museum caption: “The children are Irene Ito, 4, and her brother Hiroshi, 1 1/2.”
1940’s, courtesy of the Wing Luke Asian Museum, the Hatate Collection


From left: Paul Jr., Paul Sr., Deanna, Bessie and Emiko Tomita (on lap), 1941. Courtesy Paul Tomita.


original WRA caption: “After the final plans have been made, boxes packed,and grants picked up, the residents of Poston are at last ready to leave the center. Now that so many of their friends have gone out before them, it is with a feeling of anticipation rather than one of sorrow that the evacuees prepare to leave the place which for three years has been home to them”
photo: Hikaru Iwasaki, 9/1945, Poston, Arizona


“Young woman walking with child, Heart Mountain in the background.”
photo: Yoshio Okumoto, 1941-1945, Cody, Powell, Heart Mountain, Wyoming


original WRA caption: “Grade school children leaving the school, at the Jerome Relocation Center. During the rainy seasomn, in the heart of the Arkansas lowlands, the Jerome Center, whose residentsd are former Californians of Japanese ancestry, was one vast quagmire.”
photo: Tom Parker, 3/12/1943, Denson, Arkansas


original museum caption: “Photograph, black and white glossy of a scene in Minidoka, Idaho[,] internment camp showing school children marching or parading near the barracks. There are two women white teachers and another adult woman at the rear. Some of the children are carrying American flags, and the flagpole in the back is at half staff.”
1940’s, Minidoka concentration camp, Idaho, courtesy of the Wing Luke Asian Museum, the Hatate Collection