9_Tomita leave card


original WRA caption: “Young children at Jerome Relocation Center.”
photo: Gretchen Van Tassel, 1/18/1944, Dermott, Arkansas


“Children posing with barracks and Heart Mountain in background”
photo: Yoshio Okumoto, 6/19/1944, Cody, Wyoming


original WRA caption: “This family just arrived in the Stockton center this morning. The mother and children wait at the door of the room in the barracks to which they have been assigned, while the father is at the baggage depot where the bedding and clothing are being unloaded and inspected for contraband.”
photo: Dorothea Lange, 5/19/1942, Stockton, California


original WRA caption: “Kiyoko Baba, 2, and Miyoko Baba, 4, looking from train which brought 600 evacuees from the assembly center at Puyallup. They will be transfered to buses, waiting at the siding, which will take them to the Minidoka War Relocatioon center to spend the duration.”
photo: Francis Stewart, 8/17/1942,


original WRA caption: “Evacuee mother and child ready to board a train which will take them to an assembly center where evacuees of Japanese ancestry will await transfer to War Relocation Authority centers to spend the duration.”
photo: Clem Albers, 4/1/1942, Los Angeles, California


original FSA caption: “Japanese-American child whom is being evacuated with his parents to Owens Valley.”
photo: Russell Lee, 4/1942, Los Angeles, California


original WRA caption: “The Japanese quarter of San Francisco on the first day of evacuation from this area. About 660 merchants, shopkeepers, tradespeople, professional people left their homes on this morning for the Civil Control Station, from which they were dispatched by bus to the Tanforan Assembly Center. This photograph shows a family about to get on a bus. The little boy in the new cowboy hat is having his identification tag checked by an official before boarding.”
photo: Dorothea Lange,4/29/1942, San Francisco, California